Take Care of Your RV's Exterior

Rely on us for RV body repairs in Rochester, Stewartville and Grand Meadow, MN

Throughout your adventures, your RV will accumulate a lot of exterior damage. If you need to patch up damage to any part of your RV's exterior, turn to Midwest RV Repair. We offer RV body repairs and RV roof repairs.

Our team can...

  • Clean and inspect all seals
  • Test and inspect slides
  • Inspect awnings
  • Install new roofing materials and caps
  • Repair major damage from accidents

Whether you're picking up the pieces after an accident or upgrading your RV, we have you covered. Contact us today for more information about RV body repairs or RV roof repairs. We serve Rochester, Stewartville, Grand Meadow, MN and surrounding areas.

Reimagine the possibilities for your RV

With our help, you can transform your RV. We can install or remodel the features in almost any type of RV. We can also convert a Sprinter van to a moto van or a hybrid camper van. Get in touch with us today to plan an RV remodeling project.